AP Tour of OSU and Art I Room Drawings Posted

The AP Studio Art and AP Art History classes had the opportunity to visit Oklahoma State University last Friday, where they were able to tour the Art Department facilities, meet professors, and visit with students about the art programs at OSU. After the departmental tour the group visited the westside G&M Body Shop in Stillwater where they encountered the 22 ft. tall Optimus Prime sculpture created by the body shop owners and employees.


On the last leg of the field trip, they visited the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art and learned about “Wákàtí” and professor Angie Piehl’s collage inspired paintings and drawings.

A big “thank you” goes out to Dr. Rebecca Brennen and the faculty and staff of the art department and museum for hosting Yukon High School for the day!

The 1st and 7th hour Art I classes completed their study of “space” and one-point perspective this week by creating a drawing of a bedroom. Click here to see some of the great examples!

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