Art Related Stories to Checkout

Here are a few recent stories in the art world, including an update on Dr. Meyer’s Camille Pissarro painting.

Attorney says OU wants painting lawsuit dismissed

Shawnae Robey said the university and the OU Foundation, which owns the painting, have asked a federal judge in New York to dismiss Leone Meyer’s lawsuit involving an 1886 oil painting by Camille Pissarro entitled, “Shepherdess Bringing in Sheep.”

Stolen Rembrandt Painting Found After 15 Years

After 15 years, a stolen Rembrandt painting has finally been recovered.

Student Breaks 19th Century Greco-Roman Statue While Taking a Selfie

Because who wouldn’t want to Instagram a picture of themselves sitting in the lap of an ancient statue?

Matter and spirit, as pictured by Yamamoto Masao

The photographs of Yamamoto Masao are expansive to the mind, even as they are utterly reductive to the eye. They are straightforward, even taxonomic in their informational clarity, and yet they leave room for interpretation.

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